Around 2025 or 2027 more crews will flight to Mars..

A epic letter about what I think. I mentioned too much the “Earth” and “Mars” words, but I didn’t have anything else.

Let’s start:

Will be a near million people on Mars in 2100, and they will live on the surface of planet in special buildings, or underground. Until then, the SpaceX will send, in 2018, when Earth will be very close by Mars (0.3862 AU), for a 500-600 days of journey an un-crewed capsule, for reconnaissance and observation of the planet from space. I hope they don’t delay this trip!

Then, in the year 2020 when the Mars it is at a distance of 0.4181 AU of the Earth, the company plans to land a spacecraft on the Red Planet with the first human crew. They will come back, or not.
Around 2025 or 2027 more crews will flight to Mars and it will begin construction of installations to produce and processing of oxygen throught creating the atmosphere layer, and water on #Mars. Underground it is a huge quantity of ice. If this is melted can be create more than 2 meters of water on entire flat surface of planet, and full filling the deep canyons. Will begin a terraformation process that will last 500-1000 years, until the planet can start to sustain life on its surface and you can breathe some air.

In the early times, the fast displacement of human on Mars surface will be accomplished through elegant jumps. They will also build roads that only electric cars will run, like Tesla. Because the day is with one hour more long, the average salary will be higher than on Earth!

In near year 2080, will be very agglomery on Earth, will be more than 14 billion people. Because of the pollution, pulling a small fart can be punished with death. Also, catastrophic nuclear wars, hunger or populations subjugation by the authoritarian governments will hurry people to leave #Earth and to journey to space. Let’s not talk about hitting the blue planet by a giant meteorite!

Whatever is, we must become multi-planetary.