Cristian Miuta

Self-educated on the electrical, chemical and design aspects related to EV systems. Electronics and computers hardware technician. Entrepreneur. Owner of CMIUTA Electric Company (CMEC).

Present place of residence: the Netherlands (since 2010)

1974, November 1, born in Bucharest, Romania.
1982 – I designed and assembled my very first battery pack with AA-size cells, to power a solenoid.
1984 – I begin to deep learning about the batteries chemistry and the electromagnetism.
1990 – 2003, rugby player.
1999 – My son was born.
2001 – I started to learn about computers hardware and computing architectures.
2003 – 2010, loaded with Glock19, MP5A3, kevlar heavy stuff and training days.
2013 – I designed first 18650 battery system (including BMS and ESC) for a tactical UAV.
2014 – I designed a better version of an e-bike battery pack, based on supercaps and NCR18650PF lithium-ion cells.

National College “Aurel Vlaicu” (1989-1993) – baccalaureate
Mathematics Physics
Romanian-American Open University (1993-1995) – dropout

Skills: Intensive self-learning. Active listening. Complex problem solving. Equipment maintenance. Troubleshooting. Systems evaluation. Instructing. Persuasion. Critical thinking.

Knowledge: Industrial design. Electrical engineering. Electronic hardware. Mechanics. Production and processing. Physics. Mathematics. Public safety and security.

Work style: Attention to detail. Analytical thinking. Adaptability. Flexibility. Stress tolerance. Self control. Innovation. Persistence.

Prefered books: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance | The Road Ahead by Bill Gates | Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson | Edison: A Life of Invention by Paul Israel | My Inventions by Nikola Tesla | Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata by John von Neumann | The Science Fiction Stories Collection (CPSF) by Adrian Rogoz.

Day in, day out: Strong supporter of electric cars. Tesla and SpaceX superfan.

Other areas of interest: invention, science, music, astronomy, aerospace & defence, history, photography, sports.

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Member of RCGroups,

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Web2: Lithium Battery Systems for Aerospace Applications

Web1: Lithium Battery Systems for Light Electric Vehicles